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Contact Lens Fittings

When it comes to contact lenses, we can help. Just like our eyes are unique, so are the contact lenses that help improve our vision and quality of life. However, even among prescription contact lenses, there are other people that need specialty contact lenses to fit over their eyes. At The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, our team can help determine the best lenses for a person with a contact lens exam and provide comprehensive contact lens fittings.

Contact Lens Fittings

What Is a Contact Lens Fitting?

A contact lens fitting is part of the overall contact lens exam process. During a fitting, our optometrist will use a special tool known to measure the curvature of the cornea. This is important in order to obtain the best size for a contact lens.

Without measuring the cornea first, there's no guarantee that prescription contact lenses will fit properly over someone's eyes. In addition, without a contact lens fitting, it's difficult for an optometrist to know whether someone is a good candidate for contact lenses or not.

For instance, in people with a condition known as keratoconus, there are physical deformities and irregularities in the shape of the cornea, meaning specialty lenses must be used instead of regular contact lenses.

How Our Optometrist Can Help

Our optometrist can help provide you with other options for contact lenses if you are not suitable for regular contact lenses. We might recommend specialty contact lenses, such as scleral lenses that fit over the entire eye. Our eye doctor may also recommend lenses such as gas permeable lenses that allow oxygen to enter the eye.

Rigid lenses are also a good option to give better clarity than regular soft contact lenses. Our eye doctor can help prescribe you the best contact lenses for your vision disorder and fit you with comfortable contact lenses you can wear all day.

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