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Prescription Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is an important way to protect your eyes when you're outdoors or in a vehicle during the day. They can do a lot to make it easier to see as well as deliver the protection you need against a variety of dangers. Getting prescription sunglasses from an eye doctor is a great way to correct your vision and have the vital eye protection that you need from your eyewear. If you live in or around College Park and would like to get a pair of quality prescription sunglasses, contact The Eye Doctor Unlimited to schedule an appointment with Dr. McFerren.


UV Ray Protection

One of the most important reasons that everyone should wear sunglasses when they are outdoors is that they protect your eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses have a coating on them that blocks this form of radiation from getting through and penetrating your eyes. When UV rays reach your eyes, they can cause several eye conditions, including macular degeneration and even cataracts. If you already have these conditions, UV rays can make them worse. Sunglasses will generally have a sticker on them that indicates that they protect against these rays. They usually block about 99% to 100% of these rays.

Switching Your Eyewear

When you have prescription sunglasses, it makes it easy to switch between your eyeglasses and your sunglasses. When you wear glasses and you don't have prescription sunglasses, it can make it difficult to see. You may not even be able to drive that way. With prescription eyewear, you get your exact prescription so that you can see as well as you do with your glasses.

Protection From the Elements

Sunglasses protect against many harmful elements that can affect your eyes outdoors. The wind reaching your eyes can cause them to get too dry, causing a condition called dry eye. It's the result of the wind drying out your tear film too quickly for the body to keep replacing it. It's always better to protect against the wind as well as any tiny particles that may be driven into your eyes by the wind. This can cause painful scratches on the cornea. When you get polarized sunglasses, they also protect against glare. When there's glare, it can be much harder to see, especially in traffic or out on the water.

Get Your Prescription Sunglasses in College Park, GA

When you need an eye exam to get your prescription sunglasses, contact The Eye Doctor Unlimited to schedule an appointment with Dr. McFerren. Call our team today at (404) 768-3500.