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Diabetic Eye Exam

While almost anyone can develop glaucoma, cataracts, or other eye health issues, diabetics are especially prone to certain eye problems. Diabetics need specialized eye care for that reason. We'll even set you up with a routine eye exam schedule especially for your needs. We will take into consideration the severity of the disease and the eye conditions you suffer from as a result.

We at The Eye Doctor Unlimited, serving College Park, GA, and the nearby region, offer services especially for diabetics.

Eye exams

Thorough Eye Screening

Because you're more prone to eye issues, getting routine vision and eye health exams as a diabetic is more important. We can detect diabetic retinopathy, a condition that affects the retina and is exclusive to diabetics. It occurs when diabetes damages the blood vessels in the retina. The testing may also include a test for glaucoma and other eye conditions. 

By catching and intervening early with these eye issues, we can possibly slow the progression and reduce your chances of developing the most serious of complications.

In the early stages of cataracts, for example,  you may only need eyeglasses to optimize your vision. We can then continuously monitor the condition, intervening as necessary with prescription chances, and then refer you for further intervention, if that ever comes.

We can start by providing you with a prescription for eye drops if you have glaucoma. They may lessen pressure in the eye, which can in return, reduce how much damage occurs to the optic nerve.

Learning to Promote Better Eye Health

If you have diabetes and it's poorly managed, those high blood sugar readings can damage the blood vessels in the eye. Besides providing you with a prescription for eyeglasses and monitoring you for diabetic retinopathy, we can also provide you with lifestyle advice to help you reduce your risk of diabetes-related eye problems.

Get Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment and Eyeglasses from Our Optometrist

We at The Eye Doctor Unlimited, serving College Park, GA, and the general vicinity, offers treatment for diabetics, including providing them with the testing they need and providing treatment as necessary for whatever arises. Book an appointment with our optometrist today by calling (404) 768-3500. Our “optometrist near me” for more information.