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Dry Eye Symptoms

When you have a case of dry eye, you will have several dry eye symptoms. If you think you have this eye condition, you need to see an eye doctor to have your eyes assessed and treated. When you need an optometrist in College Park, call The Eye Doctor Unlimited to schedule an eye exam to determine if you have dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Symptoms

What Causes Dry Eye?

If you think you have dry eye, there can be a variety of causes behind it. The condition can be caused by your body undergoing major hormone changes such as during menopause or pregnancy. It can also be caused by a number of different medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

You might be taking a medication that causes it as well. Many allergy medications and antidepressants can cause the condition to develop. If you have too much air-conditioning in a room or a fan that is too powerful for the space, you can get dry eye. If you run or ride a bike, the wind that is generated can also give you dry eyes. The drier air of the winter has also been known to result in dry eye.

Dry Eye Symptoms

There are a lot of symptoms that dry eye can present. The major symptom that most people notice is having eyes that feel dry or irritated. People may find that they rub their eyes trying to moisten them, only to find that the irritation gets worse. You may have eyes that are tired or sore and they may sting, burn, or otherwise hurt. It's common for dry eyes to feel gritty and for it to feel like there is something foreign in them.

When your eyes get very dry, your body may overcompensate and your eyes may run and water. You may have stringy mucus that is in your eyes or eyelashes. You might have blurry vision or eyes that turn red or pink. You might find that your eyes get tired more easily and that you have a tougher time wearing contact lenses. If you experience any of these dry eye symptoms, it's a good idea to see an eye doctor. There are treatments available that can relieve the condition.

Dry Eye Treatments

There are medicated eye drops that can be prescribed to you for dry eye. You may want to get a humidifier for your home as well to keep more moisture in your eyes. Dr. McFerren will work with you to develop a treatment that provides the relief you need for your dry eyes.

See Our Optometrist in College Park, GA

If you are having dry eye symptoms, you may have dry eye syndrome and need treatment. Call our team today at (404) 768-3500 to schedule an appointment with Dr. McFerren at The Eye Doctor Unlimited.