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Myopia Control

Myopia Control from Our Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

Many are familiar with the eye condition known as nearsightedness, which allows people to see up close but makes distance vision blurry. Technically known as myopia, nearsightedness has for years been addressed with eyeglasses and contacts. The good news is that you can help control myopia as it progresses using certain myopia control techniques. If you are looking for help with your nearsightedness, we at The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, are here to help. 

myopia control

A Well-Known and Widespread Eye Condition

While in the U.S., kids are provided with eye checkups early, many kids still suffer from myopia. The condition, caused by a misshapen eye, blurs distance vision. While myopia can be identified early in a childhood eye exam, the condition gets worse as the patient goes into his or her older teen years and beyond.

Treatment for Myopia

Like many eye conditions, the first step our optometrist might take with a patient suspecting myopia is a problem involves an eye exam. The eye care we will recommend will likely depend on the diagnosis that comes out of the eye exam.

Common treatment for myopia involves prescription eyeglasses. This has been the case for decades, effectively solving the clarity issue but not addressing the progression of the eye condition. However, in cases where myopia is advancing and continuing to become more and more significant, the prescription can advance rapidly.

The goal of myopia control is to delay further progression or stop myopia's development altogether. Multiple options exist for treatment and they can range from prescription eye drops to contact lenses to activity management. For example, in children with myopia, activity outside for specific periods might be recommended. Avoiding excessive screen time might also be recommended.

A common myopia control method is atropine drops. These drops are usually applied at night before the child goes to bed and, overtime, can help prevent the child prescription from getting worse.

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Whether you need specialized contact lenses for myopia, eye drops, or more, our team at The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, can help. We’re able to provide unique, custom treatment plans for teens and adults with myopia symptoms. You don’t need to keep struggling with bad vision or settle for eyeglasses alone being your only option for vision clarity. Call us to schedule a first appointment. Call us at (404) 768-3500 for more information about our eye care services.