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Designer Frames

In addition to helping correct your vision, eyeglasses express your personality and style. Designer frames offer an elegant and high-quality element that can accentuate your facial features. At The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, our optometrist and expert team can help you decide which frames would suit you best and help you see clearly. 

designer frame

Wide Selection of Designer Frames

We carry many designer brands, including:

    • Jimmy Choo
    • Vera Wang Eyewear
    • Modern Optical International
    • Gucci
    • Coach
    • Versace
    • Michael Kors
    • Tom Ford

Eye Exams for Designer Frames

If you need prescription lenses before you choose your designer frames, our optometrist will perform an eye exam to identify the type and intensity that you will need. If you have a prescription from a different clinic at this time, we recommend that you bring it with you. We may still need to perform an eye exam when you visit before providing a prescription.

Items to Consider When Choosing Designer Frames

Eyeglasses come in many shapes, sizes, designs, and provide many onions, but there are some factors to consider. Your vision needs, budget, lifestyle, and cosmetic needs are all important considerations before committing to a particular style. Our optometrist will help you choose the eyeglasses that are best for your vision and determine the shape that best enhances your features.

Determining the Most Flattering Look for Your Face Shape

The shape of your face plays a role when chasing a pair of eyeglasses. If your face is more of a square shape, curved frames can soften the angles of your face. If your face is an oval shape, wide frames that are rectangular can be flattering. Those with an oblong face look great with round or deep frames with low bridges, while angular and narrow eyeglasses suit those with a round face. If your face is heart-shaped, you might consider frames that are wide at the bottom and for those with a base-down triangular face, we recommend frames that widen at the top.

Eye Care at The Doctor Eye Unlimited

Our team at The Eye Doctor Unlimited provides individual attention and professional care to each patient. We offer comprehensive services, such as eye exams, contact lenses, prescription lenses, testing for eye conditions, and the necessary treatment. 

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To learn more about our designer frames and schedule an appointment with our optometrist at The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, call us at (404) 768-3500. We would be happy to help you find the eyeglasses that will help correct your and suit your style!