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Blurry Vision FAQs

Are you having trouble focusing on the words when reading a novel? Are road signs too fuzzy to identify while driving? If so, then you may be suffering from blurry vision. It is a common eye condition that can be treated if diagnosed early. If you are having trouble focusing on simple targets, then go see an optometrist at The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, for a comprehensive eye exam. Our staff has provided answers to our patient's FAQ on blurry vision. We hope to provide some clarification on the misconceptions about this eye condition:


What Are The Common Causes of Blurry Vision?

There are multiple causes for blurry vision as no eye doctor will limit their diagnosis to one specific reason. Often, the result is tied to age-related eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Each causes different levels of blurry vision. It is wise to see an optometrist immediately if you are experiencing significant changes to your eyesight. 

What Other Symptoms Not to Ignore?

No person should ever ignore symptoms of blurry vision. Often, it is a sign that you have an eye condition that needs immediate attention. But, keep in mind that other symptoms can cause changes to your vision. Cataracts are an eye condition that "clouds" a person's vision. Besides blurry vision, you will be "temporarily blinded" by the sharpness of room lights. Usually, it strikes older adults, but people of all ages can suffer from cataracts.

Glaucoma affects a person's optic nerve, which is the sender of all messages between the eyes and brain. If left untreated, you will have trouble distinguishing obscure objects over time. Macular degeneration affects the part of the eye (macula) that assists a person in detecting finer details in images. Older people are greatly affected by macular degeneration. It is wise to take action and catch these symptoms early.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Confirms Blurry Vision?

If you are experiencing blurry vision, request a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist. The staff will run a series of tests that confirm the cause of blurry vision. The test results will offer the right course of treatment, which may include wearing prescription eyewear, eye drops, or laser surgery.

Should I Get New Glasses After Each Eye Exam?

Changes to your vision prescription will require new eyeglasses to combat your blurry vision. An optometrist will discuss the changes to your vision following the eye exam. Together, you can decide what style of frames best fits your lifestyle. The choice may come down to which pair of glasses define your personality.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist for Blurry Vision Treatment in College Park

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