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At The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, we provide a variety of eye care services to help preserve your vision. Our optometrist, Dr. McFerren, and our dedicated staff take a personalized approach to optometry. We are committed to providing comprehensive eye exams, quality eyeglasses, and professional guidance to diagnose and treat myopia. Before visiting us, learn more about this eye condition and how it is treated below: 


Understanding Myopia

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common refractive error that causes objects that are distant appear blurry, while objects that are close up remain clear. If you are experience difficulty seeing signs that are far away, driving, or participating outdoor activities, you may have myopia. When you visit us, our optometrist will perform a thorough eye exam to evaluate your eye health and provide an accurate diagnosis.

Comprehensive Eye Exams for Myopia Management

Regular eye exams are essential for myopia management. Our optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye exam to assess your vision, evaluate the progression of myopia, and identify any associated eye conditions. We use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques for accurate measurements and determine the necessary treatment for your specific condition.

Personalized Treatment for Myopia

At The Eye Doctor Unlimited, we offer personalized myopia treatment options tailored to each patient. Depending on the severity of your myopia and any lifestyle factors, our optometrist will recommend a suitable treatment plan. Your treatment may include prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, or other specialized treatments, which can help slow the progression of myopia and preserve your vision.

Quality Eyeglasses for Clear Vision

Our commitment to vision care extends to providing quality eyeglasses that correct your myopia and enhance your visual clarity. We offer a wide selection of stylish and functional eyeglasses to suit your individual style and preferences. Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the ideal frames and lenses that will help provide comfort and a sharper vision.

Our Optometrist

At The Eye Doctor Unlimited, we are dedicated to delivering eye care services to the College Park community. Our optometrist has extensive experience in diagnosing and managing myopia, helping patients of all ages achieve clear and comfortable vision.

Contact us for an Appointment Today

If myopia is hindering your daily activities, let our team at The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, PA. help. After an eye exam, we can recommend a treatment plan that will help slow down the progression of the condition and improve your eyesight. Contact us at (404) 768-3500 today to schedule your appointment or visit our website to learn more about our services.