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Why Children Need Sunglasses Too

Why Children Need Sunglasses

When anyone goes outside, they should have sunglasses to protect their eyes. Many adults wear them simply because they can see better in the sun. However, children also need to wear sunglasses in the sun. Their eyes are just as susceptible to the glare of the sun and the damaging UV rays. Seeing an optometrist can ensure that your child gets prescription eyewear that can greatly protect their eyes. If you need an eye doctor in College Park, call The Eye Doctor Unlimited to make an appointment with Dr. McFerren.

UV Protection

Everyone needs UV protection and that includes children. They generally spend more time outside than adults, so having the right eyewear is essential. UV rays can cause the eyes to develop cataracts and even lead to macular degeneration. Prescription sunglasses are easy for kids to wear and they block these rays. Your child needs an eye exam from an eye doctor to get a fresh prescription for their eyewear.

Outdoor Glare

The glare outdoors can make it difficult to see. Children may have an especially hard time when there's a strong glare. When you get polarized sunglasses, your child will be able to see much better on a sunny day. Polarized sunglasses will also make the colors deeper and sharpen what your child sees. Your optometrist can give your child sunglasses that are both polarized and provide full UV protection.

Contact Our Eye Doctor in College Park, GA

When your child needs sunglasses, contact The Eye Doctor Unlimited to schedule an appointment for an eye exam with Dr. McFerren. It's important for your child to have an eye exam every year so that their prescription is updated frequently. Call our team today at (404) 768-3500 to schedule you or your child’s next eye exam.