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How to Choose Glasses for People with Dry Eyes

Choose Glasses for People with Dry Eyes

Finding the perfect pair of glasses can be challenging. Not only are there a wide variety of frames and styles to choose from, but you'll need to consider your personal needs. At The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA, we offer several prescription eyeglasses, including glasses for people with dry eye symptoms or computer vision syndrome.

The Best Eyeglasses for Dry Eye

When your eyes cannot produce the moisture they need, it can leave you with dry, uncomfortable eyes. Common dry eye symptoms, such as irritation and a stinging or burning sensation in the eye, can cause significant pain and discomfort. While there are various treatments for this condition, people with severe dry eye may benefit from dry eyeglasses.

These glasses are designed to help keep dry eye symptoms under control. They have thick lenses and are made using hypoallergenic materials that aren't irritating to the skin. In addition, frames are equipped with features that improve moisture retention, such as lining or foam around the eye.

Many dry eyeglasses have frames similar to wraparound sunglasses. This design allows the glasses to protect the eye from allergens and irritants that can trigger dry eye symptoms, such as dust or wind. It can also shield the eyes from other environmental factors that could dry out the eye, like air conditioning.

What Should You Look for in Eyeglasses?

If your optometrist has recommended dry eyeglasses, you should look for glasses that provide all the features you want from a standard pair of frames. In addition, your glasses should be comfortable and provide ultraviolet protection. If you suffer from computer vision syndrome, you may also want to choose glasses that block out blue light and glare.

Get Prescription Eyeglasses from Our Eye Doctor in College Park, GA

Dry eye can be challenging to manage, but dry eyeglasses can keep your symptoms under control. Make an appointment with our optometrist at The Eye Doctor Unlimited in College Park, GA. During your meeting, you'll also have the chance to discuss other solutions that could help with dry eye. Call us today at (404) 768-3500 to schedule an appointment